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inheritance Animation is enabling the masses to: enjoy, experience and invest in fine art NFTs.

Executive Summary

inheritance Animation’s mission is to pair fine art non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi) via the inheritance Token.  The inheritance Token is a utility token which grants its holders access to exclusive fine art events, the ability to purchase limited release and 1 of 1 fine art, and have a voice in the curatation of fine art within the NFT space.


inheritance Animation's two year journey has been highlighted with collaborations with Will Smith, a proof of concept intelligent NFT of Marilyn Monroe and the conceptual approval from Albert Einstein's estate to build Einstein digital brain. 


inheritance Animation's value proposition is simple and it is to tokenize fine art and democratize access to historically significant works of art. Imagine having access to bid on the NFT derivative of Mona Lisa commissioned by the Louvre. The inheritance token coupled with the Tetra Mundi platform will give its users the ability to bid and own historically significant pieces of art such as:

  • The Mona Lisa

  • The Last Super

  • The Starry Night

  • The Scream &,

  • Guernica

Most fine art is owned by wealthy private investors and is somewhere locked away in their mansions, yachts or in some shipping container in tax sheltered warehouse.  inheritance believes that these masterpieces should not just be for the few and wealthy.  Tokenization allows for art to be more equitably shared with the masses and also allows those who own the inheritance token to partner in the appreciation of equitable sharing of fine art.

In order to make this more equitable future a reality inheritance has established itself as a leader in hyper realistic and volumetric animation.  As evidence of inheritance's position as a leader in the fine art space iheritance has a collection of intelligent NFTs that will be auctioned by Sotheby's in 2022.  In 2020 Sotheby's sold over $5bn in global art sales.

You might be wondering how this works?  The answer is quite simple.  inheritance will focus on the following museums: 

  • The Louvre

  • The Metropolitan

  • The British Museum and

  • State Hermitage


The inheritance team will identify pieces from these museums that can be created as volumetric derivatives, create these pieces as volumetric NFTs then auction these NFTs as free standing holograms that can be viewed with inheritance's proprietary user terminal which displays free standing holograms that can be seen without the aid of headsets or glasses. 

Tetra Mundi Platform

Tetra Mundi is the platform that will facilitate the creation, buying, and selling of inheritance non-fungible tokens. inheritance will mint NFTs, and auction and sell them on the Tetra Mundi NFT marketplace to buyers who hold the inheritance Token.

To increase utility of the inheritance Token the following notional roadmap will be followed:


  • Engaging leading fine art museums and establishing partnerships for Batch 1 of 10 art works that can be made into derivative holographic NFTs 

  • Auctioning Batch 1 of 10 NFT art works on Tetra Mundi Platform

  • Releasing inheritance collection of iNFTs on Tetra Mundi Platform to include partnerships with estates of Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein


  • Batch 2 creation and auctioning of NFTs

  • Curating NFT fine art and bringing in a limited amount of artists who can sell and auction their works on the Tetra Mundi Platform.  The process for curating fine art will be decided by those individuals in possession of inheritance Token.  Those artists considered for the Tetra Mundi platform must receive a majority vote of inheritance Token holder votes to be considered part of the Tetra Mundi Fine Art Collective.


  • Batch 3 creation and auctioning of NFTs

  • Tetra Mundi Fine Art Collect Auction of originial New Generation Fine Art

The inheritance Token

The inheritance Token (IAI) is the utility and value accrual token for the Tetra Mundi Platform.  Below you will find the detailed Tokenomics for this project

Founding Team

inheritance Animation is founded by Vincent Peters who is a systems engineer who studied at West Point, MIT and Oxford.  Vincent is an alum of Elon Musk companies SpaceX and Starlink with previous experience in technology certification for the US Government and US Banking Industry (Wells Fargo, Citi, Freddie Mac and BankUnited).

Vincent is joined by Chief Animator Brian Lai who is the Deputy Head of Department at the One Academy  the leading Computer Graphics school in Malaysia. Brian specializes in hyper realistic graphics and creating life like digital content. 


The inheritance token project is being incubated by MoonLift Capital which is a decentralized cross-chain turnkey incubator.

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